Buying a Used Car? I Have 4 Tips For You…

While most of us would like to be able to buy a new car, in our present economy it is something few of us can afford. Although it is smart to be wary about purchasing used cars, there are ways to ensure that you still find a great car – and one that you can trust. The following are a few useful tips about what to look for when buying a used car.

Some say not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to buying cars, it’s a slightly different story. It’s best to be cautious about choosing the color – especially if you plan to resell. Popular colors are silver, white, and black, which means a car one of those colors will be easier to resell. Few people will jump at the chance to own a bright orange car. However, if you are hoping to just make one car purchase for the foreseeable future, choose whatever color you want.

When buying a used car you should consider wheel size. Most people go immediately for bigger wheels; however, if you are aiming for comfort, this may not be the wisest choice. The larger the wheel, the thinner it will be, which means you will feel every bump in the road. Nevertheless, as with choosing car color, if you plan to resell the car a bigger wheel is a better bet – more people want bigger wheels.

Another thing to consider when buying a used car is whether it has all of its government required safety equipment. This includes airbags, an inside trunk handle, and tire pressure monitors. If the car doesn’t have these features, forget about buying it. It is good to keep in mind that although the government mandates those things, it does not require cars to have anti-lock brakes, so for your safety it is best to check that the car has these things as well.

Most important of all when buying a used car is to check the VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number). This can be done on a number of websites, as well as the DMV website. If you check car VIN you can find out if it has ever been in an accident, and how many owners it has had. You can also check odometer readings, structural damage, and potential accident indicators, as well as the car’s retail value.

Caution and research are always your greatest tools when it comes to buying a used car. If you follow all of these great tips, you are sure to find a car you love, and one you can trust.

Dry Cleaning Explained

Many think that dry cleaning does not get the clothes wet. The fact is, dry cleaning is similar to traditional clothes washing only that, it does not use soap and water, thus the term ‘dry’. Instead, a liquid solvent is used to remove dirt and stains from the clothes. The solvent does not penetrate fibers like water does in a washer.

How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

The substance used in dry cleaning is called perchlorethylene, or perc for short. The garments are immersed in this substance, and then put into a specialized machine. As the machine runs, the perc is extracted along with dislodged dirt and unwanted particles. Below is a step by step procedure of dry cleaning:

Inspection. The dry cleaner will check the labels in the clothes. These labels should not only help identify the owner of the clothes, but also in determining the location and type of stains in them. The clothes will also be inspected for tears, missing buttons, broken zips, etc.

Pretreatment. A cleaning agent that contains lye, water, ammonia and clay will be used to loosen up soils and spots in the fabric. This makes the perc more able to eliminate dirt.

Dry cleaning. The clothes will be immersed in perc, and then put into the machine. The centrifugal movement of the machine will allow the perc and dirt to detach from the garments. Throughout the process, the solvent and dirt are filtered to keep them from resettling on the garments. The garments are also dried in the same machine.

Post-inspection. The clothes will be checked for the last time for any blemish.

Finishing. The clothes are lightly steamed, pressed and ironed where applicable.

Why is Dry Cleaning Necessary?

Hand and machine washing are typically more cost-effective than dry cleaning. However, there are certain types of clothes that do not do well with soap and water. The natural silk fiber in your expensive gown or night dress can get distorted when subjected to spinning. Dresses made of muslin can tear easily with just slight pulling. Clothes with embroidery, fancy buttons, and other fashion embellishments can lose their glamour when machined washed.

The care tags in clothes should indicate if they are for dry cleaning only. Those that have severe stains and odor will have to be dry-cleaned right away. The earlier the dirt is treated, the easier it is removed from clothes.

6 Plumbing Tips

Let me show you how you can save money…

Knowing how to do some form of plumbing repairs and fixtures helps you in times when a plumber might not be available and you also get to save money. First there is poor flashing of toilets or cisterns that run continuously. This is usually a ball valve problem which you can repair just by altering the position to which it has been set.

Taps and faucets are usually the ones that spoil first because of the direct human contact. When they are regularly tightened, the screw threads become loose and leaking starts. You can replace a tap or a faucet easily just by use of a pipe wrench.

Air locks and blocks in clean water supply systems are not a rare sighting and sometimes calling in a plumber is not what is really required. There is a secret that most plumbers have never shared with their clients. First identify where the union joint is on your system and then loosen it a bit and afterwards tighten it.

Kitchen sink blocks are also something that you can deal with on your own. If it does happen to you just open the strainer and use a chemical drain cleaner, plunger or hire a plumbers snake. To avoid this happening often pour hot water after washing greasy dishes.

Frozen pipes are common during winter and a few a home remedies can help you thaw all that ice. Boil water, dip in a cloth and then wrap the cloth around the pipe and repeat if the cloth gets cold. You could also buy torches for doing this though you must know how to use them.

Leaks in pipes are also easy to seal on your own. You just need a soldiering torch and some soldiering metals. This is more difficult and you must take care not to hurt yourself or damage the pipe further by burning it.

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